John Eastman served as President Trump’s lawyer on several legal challenges arising out of the 2020 election, including President Trump’s Motion to Intervene in the U.S. Supreme Court in Texas v. Pennsylvania et al., and Trump’s own Petition in Trump v. Boockvar asking the Supreme Court to review three unconstitutional Pennsylvania Supreme Court decisions. Dr. Eastman also advised the President about constitutional ways to prevent illegal conduct of the election from determining the results, and he spoke before the President at the Save America rally on January 6.

For his efforts to ensure a free and fair election, he was “retired” from his tenured faculty position at Chapman University’s law school, where he had previously served as Dean, and had his classes and speaking responsibilities canceled at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he was serving as the Visiting Professor of Conservative Thought and Policy. He has been targeted by hardcore leftist activists who have filed a bar complaint against him, seeking to have him disbarred and thereby lose his source of income. He has also been subpoenaed by the hyper-partisan January 6 Committee in the House of Representatives, which is targeting anyone involved in election integrity efforts as well as those engaged in freedom of speech and association to voice their objections to illegality in the conduct of the election. Responding to both of these attacks has required Dr. Eastman to hire outside counsel, at significant cost to himself.

And then, last month, radical Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney indicted me, along with President Trump and 17 others, claiming that our efforts to challenge illegality in the election were a mob-like criminal enterprise.  This is an unprecedented weaponization of the criminal law against political opponents, and we simply cannot allow it to go unchallenged; we must defend against this with everything we have.

We, as Americans, need to push back against illegal conduct in elections. Elections are the way we give our “consent” to government, and if they are not free and fair, We the People are no longer sovereign and we no longer have a government that derives its “just powers from the consent of the governed,” as the Declaration of Independence promises. The stakes for freedom are high, and Dr. Eastman asks for your support.


Jan 30,2024 – The worm turns

As we wait for the California State Bar judge to return her verdict in the state’s wrongly brought and highly political disbarment proceeding against me, there have been major developments in two other lawfare cases that I am fighting.

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Jan 09,2024 – Where things stand

I hope that you were able to spend some quality time with loved ones over the holidays. My wife and I were blessed with a respite from the lawfare ordeals we’ve been facing and were able to enjoy time with our children and an ever-expanding family. It was a welcome relief!

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Dec 23,2023 – Ruination

My wife and I have been blessed with an ever-expanding family joining us to celebrate Christmas this year, and we hope that our many friends who share our Christian faith will be able to celebrate a blessed and merry Christmas as well. We also would like to extend our best wishes to our Jewish friends […]

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Dec 7,2023 – The government has spoken

My legal team has filed our closing argument brief in the California State Bar trial seeking to have me disbarred as a lawyer. This has been a surreal, exhausting battle to defend my integrity and legal actions from an onslaught of false charges leveled by radical leftwing lawyers working with lawfare groups. Tragically, many of […]

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Nov 13,2023 – In my own words

I’ve heard from so many supporters across the country who are praying for me as I deal with the lawfare persecution that is being waged against me. Many have also contributed to my legal defense fund, for which I am extremely grateful. Last month I was fortunate to give a speech to the American Freedom Alliance […]

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Oct 23,2023 – Constitutionality and character

We’re now in the eighth week of testimony as I fight against efforts launched by radical leftwing lawyers to have me disbarred in California. My team continues to present evidence of illegality in the 2020 election, powerfully undermining the contention of State Bar lawyers that there was no legal basis for me to assist President Trump in challenging irregularities.

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