John Eastman served as President Trump’s lawyer on several legal challenges arising out of the 2020 election, including President Trump’s Motion to Intervene in the U.S. Supreme Court in Texas v. Pennsylvania et al., and Trump’s own Petition in Trump v. Boockvar asking the Supreme Court to review three unconstitutional Pennsylvania Supreme Court decisions. Dr. Eastman also advised the President about constitutional ways to prevent illegal conduct of the election from determining the results, and he spoke before the President at the Save America rally on January 6.

For his efforts to ensure a free and fair election, he was “retired” from his tenured faculty position at Chapman University’s law school, where he had previously served as Dean, and had his classes and speaking responsibilities canceled at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he was serving as the Visiting Professor of Conservative Thought and Policy. He has been targeted by hardcore leftist activists who have filed a bar complaint against him, seeking to have him disbarred and thereby lose his source of income. He has also been subpoenaed by the hyper-partisan January 6 Committee in the House of Representatives, which is targeting anyone involved in election integrity efforts as well as those engaged in freedom of speech and association to voice their objections to illegality in the conduct of the election. Responding to both of these attacks has required Dr. Eastman to hire outside counsel, at significant cost to himself.

And then, last month, radical Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney indicted me, along with President Trump and 17 others, claiming that our efforts to challenge illegality in the election were a mob-like criminal enterprise.  This is an unprecedented weaponization of the criminal law against political opponents, and we simply cannot allow it to go unchallenged; we must defend against this with everything we have.

We, as Americans, need to push back against illegal conduct in elections. Elections are the way we give our “consent” to government, and if they are not free and fair, We the People are no longer sovereign and we no longer have a government that derives its “just powers from the consent of the governed,” as the Declaration of Independence promises. The stakes for freedom are high, and Dr. Eastman asks for your support.


July 09, 2024 – A complex but not complicated case

The judge overseeing the criminal case against me being prosecuted by Arizona’s Attorney General has issued an order designating it a “complex case.”

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July 03, 2024 – The deep state exposed

The debate between former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden utterly has exposed the deep state. Everyone who watched the CNN-hosted debate – nearly 60 million Americans – was presented with the reality that Joe Biden is not cognitively capable of serving as President. The deep state is running the country, not Joe […]

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June 17, 2024 – The law of seditious libel

When British settlers arrived on the American continent in the early 1600s, they brought with them many beliefs, customs, and pursuits. As the colonies became established and grew, so, too, did America’s nascent system of justice become established, owing its foundation in large part to British common law.

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June 7, 2024 – Will the rule of law survive?

As a former law school dean and professor, and a constitutional litigator for nearly thirty years, I have lived my professional life in accord with the principle that the rule of law must prevail. But that is not what happened in a Manhattan courtroom where a partisan Democrat District Attorney and a Biden-donating judge helped […]

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June 01, 2024 – The unimaginable has now happened

Americans and people around the globe watched in disbelief as a once unimaginable scenario unfolded in a Manhattan courtroom. Former President Donald Trump was convicted of 34 felonies.

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May 22, 2024 – Show me the crime

Throughout history, authoritarian leaders have deployed various “institutions” to give a color of legitimacy to their despicable actions…

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