Aug 29, 2023 – Ingraham Angle, and Mugshots

Well, the media is having a heyday with President Trump’s mugshot, but is anyone surprised that he turned it into a fundraiser? One clever soul even turned the collection of mugshots into a “Batman edition.” I made it into the collection as Mr. Freeze! Fun stuff aside, this indictment is deadly serious, and a real threat not just to our political system but, by naming the attorneys, to our adversarial system of justice as well.

Which young lawyer is going to want to bring election challenges in the future, or challenge the government’s narrative on anything, knowing that it may well land them before a disbarment tribunal or even subject them to criminal indictment. I’ll be appearing on Fox News tonight at 7 pm Eastern, The Ingraham Angle, to discuss all this. If you are able to watch, let me know what you think.

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