Feb 13,2024 -Her apparent conflict

This week is a critical one in Fulton County DA Fani Willis’ attempt to bring down President Trump. I, like many others, got scooped up in Ms. Willis’ efforts to target President Trump (she ran for office pledging that she would “get” him). Now, her behavior as a prosecutor is under a judicial microscope.

Judge Scott McAfee is set to preside at a hearing this week examining the circumstances of Ms. Willis’ hiring of Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade, the lead prosecutor in the case against President Trump, me, and some 17 other defendants. The key question is whether Willis or Wade have a conflict of interest in prosecuting this case, or if the appearance of impropriety is such to suggest the existence of a conflict to the average person.

The underlying conduct is now well known.  Ms. Willis’ office has paid Wade some $700,000 in fees thus far. Meanwhile, court filings and news reports establish that the two have been engaged in an affair and that Wade has paid for tickets and travel for Willis to accompany him on luxury vacations and trips.

Willis finally was forced to admit in a court filing that she and Wade had “a personal relationship” but claimed nothing about that relationship impacts decisions to prosecute President Trump, me, or the others.  For his part, Mr. Wade filed documents asserting that the relationship began only after he was named Special Prosecutor.

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Now another shoe has dropped in this case. A court filing late last week says that a witness is prepared to testify that Willis and Wade’s affair began long before she handed down her indictment of President Trump, me and the other defendants. Reportedly, Wade’s business associate and attorney will testify that he has personal, non-privileged information establishing that the affair began even before Willis was sworn into office as DA.

Even as Judge McAffee determines how to proceed, Willis’ office is continuing to aggressively prosecute me. I’ve already incurred a mountain in legal fees. While I’m very blessed to have received over $600,000 in donations to my legal defense fund, the costs I’ve incurred thus far are currently three times as much.

I wish that my family and I were able to bear the burden of these extraordinary legal costs by ourselves, but we are not. In fact, there’s no way we can do so without significant help from people of good will like you. I urgently hope that you will act today to help me defend against the lawfare attacks we are facing.

The hearing this week before Judge McAffee is a critical one because it could have a huge impact on how – and even whether – this case proceeds. We pray that justice will be done.

Willis claims that she does not have “an actual conflict” of interest, but that is a fact not yet in evidence. Indeed, if the testimony of Wade’s former business associate and attorney materializes as promised, not only would she have a perceived conflict, she would have an actual conflict because she and her boyfriend, the Special Prosecutor, have benefitted personally from prosecuting me, President Trump and our fellow defendants.

We will wait and see what Judge McAffee decides following the hearing this week. Interestingly, Willis and Wade tried their best to get the hearing cancelled, but to his credit the judge refused their demands.

We also continue to wait for the California State Bar judge to return her verdict in the state’s wrongly brought and highly political disbarment proceeding against me. Her ruling is due by the end of this month.

Meanwhile, Jack Smith’s case bringing federal charges against President Trump for election interference remains embroiled in legal maneuvering. In a highly unusual ruling, even though a DC Circuit Court of Appeals panel took nearly a month to decide last week that President Trump does not enjoy immunity from prosecution, their ruling gave Mr. Trump only a few days to appeal the ruling to US Supreme Court before it takes effect. He has now done so.

My legal team is watching this case carefully, and preparing for the worst-case scenario of being dragged into court by Jack Smith. He has named me an “unindicted co-conspirator” because I represented President Trump as he lawfully brought forth concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election. Democrat activists are now demanding that Smith formally indict me as well.

The ferocity and extent of the various lawfare attacks against me have been extraordinary. I am fighting this lawfare assault vigorously but I’m going to need to raise over $3 million to contend with the totality of the assault being waged against me. There’s no way I can effectively defend myself without the help of good people like you.

Will you consider making a donation today of $50$100$250$500 or even $1,000 or more to strengthen my defense? I urgently need your support to ensure that my team can properly defend me against the various legal attacks that are underway.

At the end of the day, the assault I am facing is not only about me. First and foremost, the left is out to get President Trump and stop him from being able to challenge Joe Biden this year. Beyond that, they want to ruin me and anyone else associated with President Trump in order to send a clear message to conservatives that challenging the left’s agenda risks reputational and professional destruction.

Their plan, however, may be in the process of unraveling as the extent of DA Fani Willis’ apparent or actual conflict of interest comes into clearer view to the American public. We shall see how this unfolds in the days to come.

Whatever happens in Judge McAffee’s courtroom, there is little doubt that my defense must be vigorously sustained. We urgently need your support.  

Thank you for your friendship, prayers, and financial support.


John Eastman

Constitutional Scholar

Attorney for President Donald Trump

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