Feb 27,2024 -They don’t care

My life has been turned upside down by radical leftwing lawyers and prosecutors who are advancing a comprehensive lawfare attack against me.

These radicals simply don’t care about anything other than getting President Trump, my client for whom I provided legal advice as to how he might lawfully bring forth questions challenging the integrity of the 2020 elections, and anyone associated with Mr. Trump.

They don’t care that the State Bar complaint filed against me in California originated with out-of-state partisan leftwing lawyers and was then parroted, nearly word for word in some cases, by California State Bar prosecutors.

They don’t care that they forced me to spend months preparing for trial and then ten long weeks in court fighting their baseless charges.

They don’t care that my legal team demolished the underlying case pursued by California Bar prosecutors by establishing through evidence that my advice was based on responsible legal scholarship and that my evidence showed that President Trump did, indeed, raise legitimate legal questions.

They don’t care that this evidence was finally introduced into a courtroom after having been ignored in many other legal challenges. And they didn’t care that my team wanted to introduce much more additional evidence but were blocked from doing so by objections from State Bar prosecutors.

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There’s more that my opponents don’t care about, but let me pause and say it is my fervent hope that you do care what they are doing to me and my family, and to the rule of law. If you do, then I kindly ask you to make a generous donation to my legal defense fund so that I can continue to fight these lawfare attacks against me.

Moving on, my opponents don’t care that these same lawfare lawyers are also challenging my ability to practice law before the US Supreme Court, where I have helped secure numerous conservative legal victories.

They don’t care that evidence in Georgia suggests that prosecutors Fani Willis and Nathan Wade may have a conflict of interest in prosecuting me, President Trump and the other defendants.

They don’t care about any of the legal arguments being raised by President Trump in federal court concerning the scope of presidential immunity and whether his official acts as president included ensuring that our nation’s elections laws are fairly and faithfully executed.

They don’t care that President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice indicted his likely general election opponent, Donald Trump, and that Merrick Garland’s hand-picked prosecutor, Jack Smith, swept me up into his case as an “unindicted co-conspirator.”

And they certainly don’t care that these lawfare attacks against me will likely end up costing well over $3 million to defend, requiring me to reach out to upstanding Americans like you to ask for help.

It’s not right that leftwing lawfare lawyers and their allies can do this to my family, forcing me to defend against this vicious, coordinated, unbridled lawfare assault. I’ve never been motivated by working for a large corporation or pursuing big money litigation. My career was spent as a law school professor and dean, and representing nonprofit groups in litigation on behalf of conservative causes.

My wife and I have built a comfortable life for our family, but the millions of dollars we are incurring in legal bills was certainly not something we ever thought in our worst nightmare we’d ever have to contend with. We could really use your help to withstand the expenses we are facing to defend my work and reputation and to stop the radicals from throwing me in prison because I worked with President Trump.

I’ve been very blessed to have many people donate to help my defense, and have been very fortunate to have received over $600,000 in donations to my legal defense fund. Unfortunately, the legal costs I’ve incurred thus far are currently three times as much and likely to climb well past $3 million when all is said and done.

I urgently hope that you will act today to help advance my defense and help my legal team be in a strong position to defend against the attacks that are underway.

Will you consider making a donation today of $50, $100, $250, $500 or even $1,000 or more? It would mean so much to our family to have this assistance

The left’s lawfare effort is aimed at ruining me, but it’s more than that. They want to send a message to every other conservative lawyer in the country that they risk everything if they challenge the left’s radical agenda.

I am categorically innocent of all the charges against me and I am doing everything in my power to defend myself and expose the truth. But an unfortunate reality of exposing the truth against a government that is increasingly a tool of the left is that the battle itself is so costly and difficult that most people are forced to give up.

That indeed is the essence of lawfare. Make the process so painful and costly that the victim must surrender.

I have no intention of giving up, but I can’t do it alone. I need your help to defend myself. Please be generous.

There are many moving pieces in the lawfare assault that is underway. It’s an extremely trying and stressful time for my wife and me, and for our entire family. Please keep us in your prayers.

Thank you for your friendship and support, and for any financial support you can contribute to my legal defense fund. It is much appreciated.


John Eastman

Constitutional Scholar

Attorney for President Donald Trump

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