Apr 05,2024 – Just as I said…

I have said from the beginning that the lawfare assault being waged against me was coordinated and connected to an overarching objective – to “get” Donald Trump.

Just as I said, within moments of the California State Bar judge issuing her outrageous ruling to disbar me from the practice of law because I dared represent President Trump, leftwing lawfare advocates began stoking a media narrative that I would soon be “turning” against President Trump and would prove to be a powerful witness against him in exchange for avoiding a prison sentence for myself.

News flash to these lawfare extremists: I am not turning against President Trump. He’s done nothing wrong, nor have I. I intend to fight, and defeat, the lawfare assault being waged against me and President Trump.

I am standing on principle because I know I am right, but it is an extremely expensive stance to take. I urgently need your help today to fight back against the disbarment decision, and to contest all the other lawfare attacks I am facing. Please give generously to my legal defense fund.

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Much of the case against me before the California State Bar was leveled by out of state lawfare lawyers as part of their coordinated quest to “get” President Trump and any lawyers associated with him. State Bar prosecutors essentially copied and pasted the lawfare complaint and fashioned it into a disbarment proceeding, and the judge basically copied and pasted the prosecutors’ allegations in her ruling to have me disbarred.

I need to save my criticism of the opinion for our appeal, but others who observed the trial and have read the opinion have had plenty to say about it. Tom Fitton, the President of Judicial Watch, wrote this:

The California attorney discipline process and recommendation of disbarment of my friend @DrJohnEastman make a mockery of the rule of law. I’ve reviewed the recommendation that John be disbarred and it reads as if it were written by a MSNBC host.

The Regime’s new rules are that lawyers will be punished and disbarred for not agreeing with Left Democrat talking points on election disputes and constitutional law. Let’s hope the judiciary steps up and rejects this abuse of Eastman as the process thus far has unconscionably victimized him, undermines the rule of law and every American’s right to counsel.

Abe Hamaden, a candidate for Congress in Arizona, had this to say:

The weaponization of the rule of law is the most dangerous threat facing our country… @DrJohnEastman is a constitutional scholar, former dean of Chapman School of Law, former clerk to Clarence Thomas and now a judge has recommended he be disbarred for doing what attorneys are supposed to do: present legal strategy.

Our legal system is being tested like never before because leftwing lunatics are emboldened by a weak judiciary who are more worried about what the cocktail hour partygoers say about them than about their oath of office.

We also called out the Bar attorneys for doctoring a quotation from a court case in order to make it appear that the court decision upheld the constitutionality of the Electoral Count Act at a time when I was advising it was unconstitutional – the decision had nothing to do with the Electoral Count Act. Unfortunately, that doctored quotation was repeated in the decision issued last week.

This just lends credence to the view of multiple commentators that the entire case has been a charade from the beginning. Rachel Alexander, the reporter with the Arizona Sun Times who provided the most comprehensive coverage of the trial, repeatedly described it in such terms. It’s just one of several coordinated legal attacks to bring me down in the hopes that I will turn against President Trump and testify against him in exchange for leniency.

Let me be clear: I will do no such thing. First of all, it would be unethical to do so even if I had communications with my former client that could be used against him. More importantly, there are no such communications, because President Trump is not guilty of criminal conduct in questioning the integrity of the 2020 elections, and I am not guilty of any misconduct in representing him. I represented President Trump honestly and with integrity, and my conduct in representing him was well within the bounds of ethical rules for lawyers.

Help Me Fight This Lawfare Abuse
My legal team is taking two important steps to fight the California State Bar ruling.

First, we are requesting that the judge stay her decision to have me temporarily suspended while my appeal to the California Supreme Court (and perhaps beyond) is pending. This is important because without a stay in place I will not be able to practice law and earn an income as a lawyer in California. Absent a stay, the judge’s ruling means I will be severely hampered in raising the funds necessary to defend myself.

The second thing we will do is to appeal the judge’s ruling to the State Bar Appellate Division. If that fails, then an appeal to the California Supreme Court can be made and, if necessary, to the United States Supreme Court.

But let’s not sugar coat the difficulty of the situation my family and I are facing. Absent a stay of the judge’s disbarment ruling, pursuing an appeal will be extremely costly, especially since I will have been stripped of my ability to practice law in California.

It is, quite simply, an outrage that I have been put into such a position, having to count on the generosity of others to be able to fight the lawfare assault that is underway. Those persecuting and prosecuting me truly intend to crucify my legal career on the altar of leftwing lawfare in the hopes that I will become a tool to get President Trump.

Please do not let them get away with it. I urgently ask you to donate generously today so that I can continue to fight.

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Many people being attacked in the way that I have been would view rulings such as this as a dark moment for themselves and their families. But I realize that these attacks are the result of the fact that I, perhaps more than anyone, have the credibility to expose the lies that the 2020 election was the “most secure in history” and there was no evidence of illegality or fraud. Neither of those things are true, but the left has to keep up its narrative by attacking anyone who does not bend the knee to those obvious falsehoods. And although I can point to the reaction of leftwing radicals as proof that their objective all along was to target me in the hopes of turning me against President Trump, this does little in the overall scheme of things to help me stay engaged in the fight for the truth.

Right now, I am facing disbarment from the practice of law in California, and being stripped of earning a living as a lawyer even as I try to appeal. I will not turn on President Trump – he’s done nothing wrong, nor have I – but it is nonetheless a daunting task to stand on principle.

I urgently need your help to stay in the fight against these vicious and scurrilous attacks. Thank you for whatever you can do. Please keep me and my family in your prayers.


John Eastman

Constitutional Scholar

Attorney for President Donald Trump

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