Apr 23, 2024 – Debanked…

The prominent conservative publication Daily Caller is out with a blockbuster article detailing the latest element in the lawfare assault being waged against me. They report that two of the nation’s biggest banks, Bank of America and USAA, have “debanked” me with no warning, no explanation, and no avenue for recourse.

My personal bank accounts were closed against my will for what I believe is a consequence of my representation of former President Trump. The Daily Caller article notes that both USAA and Bank of America are federally insured and that B of A was bailed out with billions of dollars of taxpayer funds during the global financial crisis.

Among all the things I’ve had to deal with from the left, the debanking of my accounts by USAA and Bank of America – while wrong as a matter of principle and morals – are certainly not the most serious. They obviously pale in comparison to the potential of losing my license to practice law, the millions in legal fees that I am being forced to incur to fight the lawfare attacks, or the two decades in prison that Georgia prosecutors might seek should I be convicted of the unprecedented use of a criminal racketeering statute to target people who simply called out illegality and fraud in the 2020 election.

But they do illustrate the extent to which the left colludes with woke corporate interests, the propaganda press and a bevy of nonprofit lawfare groups to advance their leftwing agenda.

The good news is that my personal bank accounts have been reestablished with more reputable banks, and my business banking (including the John Eastman Legal Defense Fund) was never interrupted.

This is a great opportunity to send a message to woke banking giants that their alliance with the lawfare left will not be tolerated. Your donation to my legal defense fund will send that message, and is urgently needed as I deal with the true financial burden that the lawfare assault has created for me and my family. Please be generous.

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I’ve been with Bank of America for some forty years. When they showed signs of becoming woke a few years ago, my wife and I began to transition many of our banking activities to USAA, which I thought was a “patriotic” company serving military families, including ours because my wife’s father served in both the Navy in WWII and the Marines in the Korean War. Indeed, USAA handled all our personal automatic deposits and automatic payments.

Neither bank would admit that their actions were related to my work for former President Trump, but the Daily Caller quoted a debanking expert, Eric Bledsoe, on the political nature of debanking. “[I]it really is about like, re-directing capital away from the politically disfavored and to the politically favored at the moment,” Bledsoe said.

It was a real hassle to deal with the disruption that this debanking by B of A and USAA caused, but nothing like the financial burden that defending against the lawfare assault has meant for me and my family.

Thanks to many generous supporters, my legal defense fund has raised nearly $750,000. That has been a true godsend. However, all of those funds have been expended on legal bills related to the California State Bar disbarment trial, the pending criminal prosecution in Georgia, Jack Smith’s federal prosecution of President Trump where I have been named an unindicted co-conspirator and responding to the many demands made by the disgraced J6 Committee when Democrats controlled the House of Representatives.

On top of what I’ve already spent on legal bills, I will need to raise an additional $2 million – and very possibly more – to appeal the State Bar Court ruling recommending my disbarment and to put on a vigorous defense in the impending criminal trials.

This has been made ever more difficult because – unless she changes her mind – the State Bar judge has recommended that I be prevented from earning income as an attorney while I appeal her disbarment ruling against me.

I am relying on people of good will like you to step forward at this critical time. Your donation to my legal defense fund of $50$100$250$500$1,000 or $1,500 or more is urgently needed and would be a huge blessing to my family and I.

It is a sad state of affairs to see the influence that the left and their lawfare allies, including woke corporate giants, are able to inflict on average Americans. And let me be clear – these attacks against me are designed not just to silence me but to prevent anyone who opposes their agenda from obtaining competent legal counsel when the left’s guns are turned on other, ordinary American citizens exercising their constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of religion, or the right to keep and bear arms.  They are doing everything possible to not only impose their woke ideologies, but punish those who refuse to go along.

I intend to fight for what is right, not just for myself but for our children and grandchildren and our country’s future, and to defend my reputation and good name. Thank you for whatever you can do to help me at this critical time.


John Eastman

Constitutional Scholar

Attorney for President Donald Trump

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