Apr 25, 2024 – BREAKING – They’ve Done It Again

Another partisan Democrat prosecutor has decided to join the lawfare assault against me by indicting me and other attorneys for President Trump in Arizona.

Democrat Attorney General Kris Mayes, who won election to her post in 2022 by a mere 280 votes out of more than 2.5 million votes cast, is now interfering in the 2024 presidential election by seeking to paint President Trump and those associated with him as criminals.  

Arizona is one of the swing states that will likely decide the presidential election this year and former President Trump is leading Joe Biden in the contest by a significant margin.

I was only served with the indictment last evening, hours after Attorney General Mayes gave it to the media. I am still digesting the claims, but I can assure you they are false. I am innocent of any wrongdoing and I will fight these phony, partisan charges.

I am being used as a pawn in a political endeavor to “get” President Trump and swing the election to Joe Biden. Though I am innocent, this indictment will end up costing me greatly, adding to the $1 Million + in legal fees I’ve already incurred to defend against the lawfare assault, and increasing the $2+ million in additional legal expenses I am facing going forward to defend myself.

I am praying that people of goodwill and all those who have supported me thus far will step forward with a generous emergency financial donation to my defense to help me deal with this new attack.

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According to media reports, the Arizona indictment relates to what the left likes to call a “fake elector scheme.” To listen to leftwing media tell it, President Trump and his attorneys conspired to replace legitimate electors with “fake” electors in order to steal the election from President Biden. That narrative is nothing but garbage.

There was no attempt to install “fake” electors in Arizona or any other state. In Arizona and elsewhere, litigation was pending in court challenging the results of the election. State and federal law require that electors take action prior to the counting of results by Congress. To comply with the law, alternative electors were named in the event that the pending litigation in Arizona ended up being successful in determining that Trump, and not Biden, was the actual winner in Arizona.

There’s nothing illegal, conspiratorial or untoward about the process that was followed in Arizona. In fact, it’s a process that has been used by Democrats in prior presidential elections where the actual results were in doubt. We will vigorously fight these claims, and we expect to be fully vindicated.

I’ll have more to say about this new indictment in Arizona after I’ve had more time to digest the indictment and talk with my legal team. But it’s already obvious what Democrat Kris Mayes is trying to do. She wants to help Joe Biden come back from a big polling deficit by interfering in the election, hoping to falsely paint President Trump, me and his allies as criminals.

Your emergency donation to my legal defense fund is urgently needed and will be most appreciated. Stay tuned for further updates.


John Eastman

Constitutional Scholar

Attorney for President Donald Trump

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