Dec 23,2023 – Ruination

My wife and I have been blessed with an ever-expanding family joining us to celebrate Christmas this year, and we hope that our many friends who share our Christian faith will be able to celebrate a blessed and merry Christmas as well. We also would like to extend our best wishes to our Jewish friends who have recently concluded the beloved Hannukah celebration.

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Dec 7,2023 – The government has spoken

My legal team has filed our closing argument brief in the California State Bar trial seeking to have me disbarred as a lawyer. This has been a surreal, exhausting battle to defend my integrity and legal actions from an onslaught of false charges leveled by radical leftwing lawyers working with lawfare groups. Tragically, many of these false charges were repeated nearly word-for-word by State Bar prosecutors and form the basis of the Bar’s prosecution against me.

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Nov 13,2023 – In my own words

I’ve heard from so many supporters across the country who are praying for me as I deal with the lawfare persecution that is being waged against me. Many have also contributed to my legal defense fund, for which I am extremely grateful.

Last month I was fortunate to give a speech to the American Freedom Alliance where I discussed at length what I have been dealing with concerning the weaponization of the justice system, including the California State Bar trial against me, the indictment in Georgia, being an unindicted co-conspirator in the federal trial against Donald Trump and other elements of the left’s attempts to destroy my reputation, bankrupt me and put me in prison for representing President Trump.

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Oct 23,2023 – Constitutionality and character

We’re now in the eighth week of testimony as I fight against efforts launched by radical leftwing lawyers to have me disbarred in California. My team continues to present evidence of illegality in the 2020 election, powerfully undermining the contention of State Bar lawyers that there was no legal basis for me to assist President Trump in challenging irregularities.

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Oct 9,2023 – More Than enough

Since I began putting on my case in early September, we’ve heard lots of evidence of illegality and outright fraud in the conduct of the 2020 election – more than enough to support the statements I made at the time and for which the bar is accusing me of making false statements.

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Sept 28,2023 – Here is the evidence

California state bar prosecutors are hoping that their ongoing trial against me puts a nail in my coffin and thoroughly undermines my work on behalf of President Trump to challenge illegalities and fraud in the 2020 election.

You see, the crux of their case against me is the claim that there is no evidence of significant fraud and illegalities in the 2020 election, and I knew that to be the case in my representation of President Trump.

Obviously, I never wanted to be in the position to be fighting for my right to make a living as a lawyer and represent conservative principles and individuals in court. But standing for the truth has finally allowed us to get into court some of the evidence of fraud and illegality that occurred in 2020 — much to the chagrin of State Bar prosecutors and over their constant objections.

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Sept 25,2023 – Six long weeks

The outrageous prosecution of me by California state bar officials enters its sixth week with the trial resuming on Tuesday.  The term “prosecution” is really not apt. It’s more like persecution by activist lawyers determined to “get” President Trump and every lawyer like me who had the temerity to defend his right to lawfully challenge illegalities in the 2020 election.

This whole affair has been a prime example of the “lawfare” into which our system of justice has degenerated. 

The crux of the State Bar’s case against me is its claim that there was no evidence of significant fraud in the 2020 presidential elections and my legal filings on behalf of President Trump and my public statements to the contrary show that I am unfit to be a lawyer. 

But a funny thing happened once I got to start putting on my case – all of the election illegality and fraud that we all saw with our own eyes back in 2020 finally began to get its day in court, and the testimony of my witnesses has been eye-opening.

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Sept 9,2023 – Lawfare

The targeting of me by leftwing prosecutors and state bar officials is nothing short of lawfare. There are two important reasons these radicals are misusing their positions of power to go after me:

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Sept 7, 2023 – “American Despotism”

As I’m preparing for yet another day of testimony in the California Bar trial — today will be the 7th day, approaching 20 hours — and watching closely the ongoing court proceedings in the Georgia criminal indictment against me, former President Trump, and a host of other lawyers and citizens who dared to challenge the illegality in the 2020 election, an important article from Newt Gingrich crossed my radar.

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Sep 05, 2023 – No, Jennifer Rubin, Dr John Eastman’s Defense is Not Doing Poorly

Former Republican Jennifer Rubin wrote an opinion piece for The Washington Post last week criticizing Trump attorney John Eastman’s defense in the California bar disbarment trial against him. Unlike her, I’ve watched every minute of the trial, which is going into the third week. The bar is desperately trying to show there was no legal authority for Eastman to advise Trump that Mike Pence could have rejected electoral slates from states suspected of election fraud, but as more evidence comes out, their case is getting weaker and weaker.

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