Aug 18, 2023 – Georgia

As you have undoubtedly seen, the Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney, Fani Willis, filed a 41 count indictment against President Trump and 18 others (including yours truly, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, etc.) late Monday evening, alleging that our efforts to highlight and have investigated election illegality and fraud were somehow part of a criminal conspiracy.

I’m included in 9 of the Counts — the main RICO (racketeering!) count; a count alleging that my testimony before the Georgia legislature asking that they investigate the many serious allegations of illegality and fraud and, if found to be the case, exercise their authority to do something about it, was somehow a solicitation of the legislators to violate their oaths of office.  (It’s not, of course — it is, rather, an exercise of the constitutionally-guaranteed right to petition the government for redress of grievances.); 6 counts dealing with the effort to have contingent electors meet on the constitutionally-mandated day in December to prevent the then-pending election challenges from becoming moot; and 1 count alleging a misrepresentation to a court in an action we filed on New Year’s eve in 2020 (though it doesn’t identify any actual misrepresentation).

The 98-page indictment is here.  My attorneys’ statement in response is here.  A terrific article by Hans Von Spakovsky about the dangers to our system of justice is here — well worth a read.

The lawyer I spoke with today about possibly serving as my Georgia counsel said that this will get expensive if I intend to fight it — as I do and I must.  So alas, I’ve increased the goal here to $750k, since most of the funds previously raised have already been depleted or committed to the defense of the 14 actions I’ve already been dealing with (see Update #22 below).  Please consider donating again (and urge your like-minded friends to do so as well).  And if you are able, consider signing up for a recurring donation.

As always, I appreciate your support and, now more than ever, your ongoing prayers.



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