Aug 04, 2023 – Recent News

Lots of news this week, and my team of attorneys is doing a terrific job responding to numerous media requests from around the world and rebutting some of the more egregious mischaracterizations contained in the Trump indictment this week.

Here’s Charles Burnham on CNN.

Here’s Harvey Silverglate on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle (segment starts at 14:00, but the opening is worth a watch, too).

Here’s Harvey as quoted in the UK Daily Mail and The Hill.

And here’s a pretty good piece by reporter Neil McCabe at Red State on the whole matter.

In addition, several legal experts are already pointing out the flaws in the indictment and the dangers it posed for the presidency itself, including Jonathan Turley and Andy McCarthy in a Fox News segment, described here.

The Wall Street Journal has also raised serious concerns about the indictment, such as this op-ed by David Rivken and Lee Casey.

Thanks for all the kind notes of support you all have sent these last couple of days.  We deeply appreciate it.


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