June 01, 2024 – The unimaginable has now happened

Americans and people around the globe watched in disbelief as a once unimaginable scenario unfolded in a Manhattan courtroom. Former President Donald Trump was convicted of 34 felonies.

The left got their wish. The lawfare radicals succeeded. Donald Trump is now a convicted felon.

But convicted of what? Yes, there’s an allegation of falsifying business records, but that allegation is a dead misdemeanor whose statute of limitations expired years ago. Mr. Trump’s conviction hinged on tying the business record allegation to some other crime, showing that the one was in furtherance of the other.

But what was that other crime? We don’t know. It might have been a violation of federal election law. We’re told it could have been a tax matter. Or, it’s suggested that it might have been falsification of other documents. The judge instructed the jury that they didn’t have to agree on what second crime Trump committed, they just had to agree that he did something.

And that’s what they did. They convicted Trump because he is Donald Trump.

And now they have their sights on me because I am associated with Mr. Trump as his former lawyer and constitutional advisor.

The unimaginable has now happened.

As a former law school dean and professor, and a constitutional litigator for nearly  thirty years, I have lived my professional life in accord with the principle that the rule of law must prevail. But that is not what happened in that Manhattan courtroom.

And now I am left with the chilling realization that the rule of law may not prevail when it comes to the lawfare left’s attacks against me, either.  I urgently need your support to defend myself.

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The lawfare that has been unleashed on me because of my work for President Trump in helping him present legitimate concerns about the conduct of the 2020 elections has already taken a terrible toll.

A California State Bar complaint they filed against me was used by bar prosecutors to bring me up on ethical charges, subjecting me to months of intense work to defend myself including ten weeks in court, only to have the judge rule that I should be disbarred.  I’m appealing, but in the meantime I’m being prevented from practicing law in California and elsewhere.

Just as a partisan, radical prosecutor targeted President Trump in Manhattan, I have been similarly targeted in not one state, but two. The ethically challenged District Attorney of Fulton County Georgia, Fani Willis, has indicted me on nine charges including a RICO conspiracy charge. An equally partisan prosecutor, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes, has indicted me in that state even though I had nothing to do with election challenges in Arizona.

Federal special prosecutor Jack Smith – hand-picked by Joe Biden’s Department of Justice – has named me an unindicted co-conspirator with President Trump in federal election charges.

Collectively, I’ve already spent $1 million+ in legal fees to defend against the left’s wide-ranging lawfare assault, and am looking at well over $2+ million in additional legal expenses I am facing going forward.

It is my urgent hope and prayer that people of goodwill like you will step forward with a generous emergency financial donation to my defense fund.

What happened to President Trump in Manhattan shockingly serves as a bitter example of why conservatives can no longer count on the rule of law protecting them from radical, rogue prosecutors determined to pursue a naked partisan agenda.

Because I have been prevented from practicing law by the California State Bar judge while I appeal her outrageous disbarment recommendation, I cannot earn income as a lawyer and thus contribute to my own defense with funds I would otherwise be earning as a lawyer. That means I have to count on the generosity of good people like you to help cover the millions of dollars in legal costs I am facing to defend myself.

Your emergency donation to my legal defense fund is urgently needed if I am to have the resources needed to fight. Please consider a donation today of whatever you are able to do –  $50$100$250$500$1,000 or even $1,500 or more.

We are at a terrible point in our nation’s history. With the conviction of President Trump on 34 bogus felony charges brought by a radical prosecutor who ran for office on the promise of “getting” President Trump, our judicial system may have suffered a permanent rupture. We’ll see what happens when he has to appear back before the Biden-donating judge in just over a month for sentencing. Will he put President Trump in prison? Restrict his ability to travel and thus campaign for office?

It’s just unimaginable.

I am extremely concerned that I may be the next victim of mob rule. My best chance to prevail is by rallying Americans like you who believe in our constitution to stand by my side to fight the lawfare assault together.

Thank you for your friendship and prayers. My family and I will be extremely grateful for any financial support you can provide as we deal with this unimaginable, dark time for our system of justice, and for our nation.


John Eastman

Constitutional Scholar

Attorney for President Donald Trump

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