May 22, 2024 – Show me the crime

Throughout history, authoritarian leaders have deployed various “institutions” to give a color of legitimacy to their despicable actions…

Hitler used the Nazi Party to make the case for an expansive Aryan nation. Joseph Stalin ruled Russia as a dictator through the Communist Party, deploying a secret police force to imprison and execute those he considered to be “enemies of the working class.” 

Stalin’s most ruthless and longest serving head of his secret police was a man named Lavrentiy Beria. Beria once infamously said, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” He was confident that he could convict any person he chose to take on, and would make up any charge needed to do so.

Tragically, Beria’s spirit is alive and well in the person of Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes.

Mayes isn’t involved in a scheme to execute people, obviously, but she is scheming to convict and imprison people who are entirely innocent of any crime. The only thing they have done is lawfully support Donald Trump’s effort to bring forth his concerns about election irregularities in the 2020 presidential election.

I am one of the people that Kris Mayes is wrongly targeting. She’s indicted me, but I had nothing to do with challenging election results in Arizona. Nothing. I am not on any of the legal filings in that state. I never spoke with any electors in Arizona about Trump’s challenges. I never had any communication whatsoever with any of the contingent electors in Arizona.

And yet, I am accused of various felonies including conspiracy, forgery, tampering with a public record, presentment of a false instrument for filing, and other crimes. I need your immediate financial support to fight these bogus charges.

Lavrentiy Beria would be proud. Partisan Democrat AG Kris Mayes has her man in her sights – me, one of Donald Trump’s attorneys – and so she’s showing the media and fellow partisans her list of made-up crimes.  I had to surrender to law enforcement, have my mugshot taken, and then be arraigned.

It was the most shocking appearance I have ever made in court…since the last shocking appearance I had where I was forced to surrender to another partisan prosecutor, DA Fani Willis in Georgia.

Though I am completely innocent – I had nothing to do with election challenges in Arizona – this indictment will end up costing me greatly, adding to the $1 million+ in legal fees I’ve already incurred to defend against a wide-ranging lawfare assault, and increasing the $2+ million in additional legal expenses I am facing going forward to defend myself.

It is my urgent hope that people of goodwill like you will step forward with a generous emergency financial donation to my defense fund to help me deal with this new attack by Kris Mayes, cheered on by liberal lawfare radicals.

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his is just the latest lawfare assault against me for the “crime” of lawfully representing former president Donald Trump.  A tenet of America’s legal system is that even those accused of horrific crimes are entitled to vigorous legal representation. But providing legal advice to a sitting president who believes that election illegalities and irregularities have occurred is, for the lawfare radicals and partisan prosecutors like Kris Mayes, beyond the pale.

They’ve made their intentions clear – they want to ruin me, imprison me and bankrupt my family all in order to send a message to conservative lawyers like me to never again represent a client who challenges liberal orthodoxy.

They also want to interfere with the 2024 elections because Donald Trump leads in Arizona and virtually every other swing state polling.

The lawfare radicals have already scored an important “win” in convincing a California State Bar court judge to recommend my disbarment. I am fighting that recommendation and my legal team is confident that there are many grounds for it to be overturned. But in the meantime, I am prohibited from practicing law in California and possibly elsewhere and thus contributing to my own defense.  The reason: the Judge claims I am a threat to the public!  This is a resurrection of the old English law of seditious libel, where you could be prosecuted for criticizing the government and truth was not a defense because “the greater the truth, the greater the libel.”  We repudiated that pernicious doctrine in the Revolutionary War and then the First Amendment, but our modern-day leftists seem bent on reviving it.

With the action by the partisan Attorney General of Arizona, the lawfare assault against me has been ramped up considerably. My team will fight to get these charges against me dismissed because I played no role in any Arizona election challenges. Failing that, we will vigorously fight the charges in court.

But because I have been prevented from practicing law by the California State Bar judge while I appeal her outrageous disbarment recommendation, I cannot earn income as a lawyer and thus contribute to my own defense. I am facing millions of dollars in legal costs to defend myself in Arizona and in the other lawfare cases I face, including the RICO prosecution of me in Georgia by the ethically-challenged Fani Willis.

I plan to vigorously contest these outrageous, bogus charges but your emergency donation to my legal defense fund is urgently needed if I am to have the resources needed to fight. 

Please consider a donation today of whatever you are able to do – $50$100$250$500$1,000 or even $1,500 or more.

Thank you for your friendship and support. It’s only because my family and I know that there are good people like you standing by our side that we are able to withstand this vicious lawfare assault in Arizona and elsewhere.


John Eastman

Constitutional Scholar

Attorney for President Donald Trump

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