Sept 9,2023 – Lawfare

The targeting of me by leftwing prosecutors and state bar officials is nothing short of lawfare. There are two important reasons these radicals are misusing their positions of power to go after me:

First, they hate President Trump and they want to destroy him and anyone who has the temerity to defend his right to lawfully challenge the many illegalities in the 2020 election.

Second, they want to send a message to every other conservative lawyer in the country that they risk their reputation and very career if they ever dare to represent a conservative elected official again.

The leftist prosecutor in Fulton County, Fani Willis, had a carefully orchestrated “perp walk” planned for this week for the official arraignments of President Trump (9:30am), followed by Rudy Giuliani (9:45am), followed by me (10:00am). The remaining 16 defendants were to follow.

But I denied Ms. Willis her media moment by informing the court that I was pleading “not guilty,” thus obviating the need for an arraignment. President Trump and most of the others have done the same thing.

I have been forced to spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars thus far to defend myself from the baseless charges that have been brought against me by the California State Bar and now federal and state prosecutors. 

With thanks be to God, because of you and friends like you, I’ve been able to offset much of the costs I’ve incurred thus far with donations contributed to a Legal Defense Fund set up at GiveSendGo. This has been a real blessing.

But now, with the Georgia prosecution underway and “unindicted co-conspirator” allegations pending in the January 6th case at the federal level, I am potentially looking at well over a million dollars in additional legal expenses to defend myself. Not only do the leftwing radicals want to take away my law license and thus my ability to provide for my family, but they want to put me in prison for years to come.

Because of the enormity of the battle ahead, we need to expand our response to a truly national level so that we can reach potential supporters all across America. I’ve asked some good friends and trusted professionals to help me ramp up our outreach effort and I’m grateful for their assistance.

We’ve created a dedicated website where supporters across the country can go for updates, to post comments and to make a donation to help us fight. Please bookmark the site and check back frequently. 

Your financial support thus far has been a true blessing. However, with the massive ordeal before me at this time, I hope that you will consider making an additional contribution to help me defend against these outrageous, politically-motivated charges. It would mean a great deal to me and my family, and would be a big help to ensure my legal team has the resources needed to fight.

Please keep me and our family in your prayers. The political left is looking forward to a permanent “perp walk” as they fanaticize about me being convicted along with President Trump, Rudy Giuliani and the others. But I’ve got news for them. As I told the court this week, I am NOT GUILTY. I intend to fight this lawfare abuse and the false charges aimed at me with everything I have. With your continued help, we will prevail.

Thank you for your friendship and support.




John Eastman

Constitutional Scholar

Attorney for President Donald Trump

PS – Contributions to my legal defense fund are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. 

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