Sept 7, 2023 – “American Despotism”

As I’m preparing for yet another day of testimony in the California Bar trial — today will be the 7th day, approaching 20 hours — and watching closely the ongoing court proceedings in the Georgia criminal indictment against me, former President Trump, and a host of other lawyers and citizens who dared to challenge the illegality in the 2020 election, an important article from Newt Gingrich crossed my radar.

It sounds the same theme I expressed in a speech I gave a year and a half ago to the annual convention of the California Republican Assembly titled, “Our Authoritarian Moment.”  Gingrich’s article is titled “American Despotism.”  It is extremely important and insightful, and well worth your read.  As I am now on the receiving end of the despotic tactics he describes, I can certainly attest to its accuracy.

Your continued prayers help me and my family weather the storm, and your continued financial support helps us fight against these despicable tactics.  If you have not already done so, please consider signing up for a monthly donation to this legal defense fund to help keep us in the fight.


John Eastman

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