Oct 9,2023 – More Than enough

Since I began putting on my case in early September, we’ve heard lots of evidence of illegality and outright fraud in the conduct of the 2020 election – more than enough to support the statements I made at the time and for which the bar is accusing me of making false statements.

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman testified about the findings of both illegality and fraud he uncovered in the investigation he led as a Special Counsel hired by the Wisconsin Legislature.

Illegal drop boxes (and “human” drop boxes); illegal elimination of the bipartisan teams of “Special Voting Deputies” required by Wisconsin law for collecting ballots in nursing homes; illegal doctoring of ballot envelops by elections staff; and the actual take-over of the Green Bay elections office by a Democrat party operative funded by Zuckerberg money, laundered through the Center for Tech & Civic Life.

Garland Favorito, a long-time election integrity expert in Georgia, testified about all the illegality and fraud his organization, VoterGA, has uncovered in the 2020 Georgia election.  Ballots scanned and counted multiple times; roughly 17,000 ballots “found” in Fulton County overnight when the initial recount didn’t match the vote tabulation records; people voting who had moved long before the deadline for being able to cast a ballot; etc.

We also heard from a couple of the statistical experts on the team of experts that I was working with in December 2020 and January 2021.  John Droz, a physicist who headed the team, testified about a number of highly improbable statistical anomalies that the team discovered in its analyses, particularly in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Ray Blehar, a retired national security government data analysis who was also a member of the team of statistical experts, testified briefly (before the Bar attorneys’ objection was sustained by the Court) about a “vote laundering” scheme he had uncovered in Pennsylvania, with votes first moved from Trump to a third-party or write-in candidate and then subsequently moved from them to Biden.

Our designated statistical expert, Dr. Stanley Young, also began his testimony about significant anomalies he had discovered in a nationwide, county-by-county comparison of the 2016 and 2020 election.

We also called Kurt Olsen, one of the attorneys primarily responsible for drafting the Original Action complaint filed by Texas against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin in the Supreme Court.  He masterfully and very effectively walked through the outcome-determinative illegal conduct that had occurred in each one of those swing states.

Finally, Berkely law school Professor John Yoo, who (like me!) is one of the leading constitutional law experts in the country, testified about the original understanding of the text of the 12th Amendment (and its identical predecessor language in Article II of the Constitution), historical precedent, and scholarship that all supported my contention that the Vice President, in his capacity as President of the Senate, had the constitutional authority not only to “open” and “count” the elector ballots, but to resolve disputes about ballots that were allegedly illegally certified.  As the text of the Constitution makes clear, he noted, the Senate and the House of Representatives are merely to be “present.”

For the expected final week of the trial, we plan to call several witness still remaining on our witness list, including Patrick Colbeck, who has extensive knowledge of illegality and fraud that occurred in Michigan, and (assuming the Court permits his testimony), Joseph Fried, a professional accountant whose own investigations had led him to the definite conclusion that the elections should not have been certified.

And, of course, I will be testifying myself, explaining all the evidence of illegality I had before me back in 2020 when I was representing former President Trump and his efforts to get to the bottom of whether the illegality affected the outcome of the election.

I estimate that the State Bar trial will end up costing me over half a million dollars to fight because I refused to capitulate to their lawfare. Together with having to prepare for trial in Georgia to defeat DA Fani Willis’ false charges, and having to also worry about being named an “unindicted co-conspirator” in Jack Smith’s prosecution of President Trump, I am looking at over $1 million in additional legal expenses to defend my good name and reputation.

Your past financial support has been a true blessing. However, with the massive lawfare assault that has been unleashed against me by leftwing zealots, I hope that you will consider making an additional contribution at this important time. It would mean a great deal to me and my family, and would go a long way to ensure my legal team has the resources needed to fight.

Thank you for your friendship and support. With your continued help, we will prevail.

Thank you for your consideration.


John Eastman

Constitutional Scholar

Attorney for President Donald Trump

PS – Contributions to my legal defense fund are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. 

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