Sept 28,2023 – Here is the evidence

California state bar prosecutors are hoping that their ongoing trial against me puts a nail in my coffin and thoroughly undermines my work on behalf of President Trump to challenge illegalities and fraud in the 2020 election.

You see, the crux of their case against me is the claim that there is no evidence of significant fraud and illegalities in the 2020 election, and I knew that to be the case in my representation of President Trump.

Obviously, I never wanted to be in the position to be fighting for my right to make a living as a lawyer and represent conservative principles and individuals in court. But standing for the truth has finally allowed us to get into court some of the evidence of fraud and illegality that occurred in 2020 — much to the chagrin of State Bar prosecutors and over their constant objections.

Here is the evidence we’ve presented so far:

  • Wisconsin’s Special Counsel testified that their elections involved widespread illegalities and were corrupted by Democrat activists funded by leftwing billionaires;
  • Democrat counties were given millions in funding from a Mark Zuckerberg group to help them “conduct” the election – including efforts to boost Democrat turnout;
  • One of these Democrat operatives even took over running the Green Bay elections office;
  • Election officials’ widespread use of drop boxes was illegal under Wisconsin law;
  • There was illegal processing of absentee ballots;
  • There was illegal balloting in nursing homes and residential care facilities.

The testimony from the Special Counsel – a former Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice – should end the State Bar’s prosecution against me, but they continue to attempt to strip me of my law license. Please help me fight back by making a donation to the John Eastman Legal Defense Fund, LLC.

We didn’t just demonstrate fraud and illegalities in Wisconsin, we also presented evidence from Georgia:

  • An election integrity expert offered extensive testimony about irregularities and illegalities in that state;
  • Elections officials destroyed 1.7 million ballot images;
  • Officials deleted video surveillance for 181,000 ballots cast at drop boxes;
  • The expert found “flat-out fraud” including falsified tally sheets with 850 Biden votes to 0 Trump votes;
  • He also discovered mail-in ballots in Fulton County that weren’t folded even though they must be mailed to voters;
  • An audit found that ballots that were filled out electronically instead of with a regular pen;
  • Other ballots did not have the correct paper stock;
  • All told, the expert testified that the total of counterfeit ballots substantially exceeded Joe Biden’s margin of “victory” in Georgia.

My incredible defense team did not stop there in exposing leftwing lies about the election.

A critical element of the charges against me is that I knowingly lied in claiming that Vice President Mike Pence had considerable authority in counting state electoral votes. The evidence on that matter:

  • Noted constitutional law scholar John Yoo testified that based on his extensive research the majority of the scholarship agreed with me that the Vice President had the ultimate decision-making authority to resolve disputes about contested electoral votes.
  • The State Bar strenuously objected to Professor Yoo’s testimony.

This attack against me by the California State Bar is just one of several efforts by leftwing radicals to ruin my life. Democrats like Fulton County DA Fani Willis also want to bankrupt my family and put me in prison for years to come – because I agreed with President Trump that the 2020 election involved illegal, even fraudulent, actions that corrupted the results.

I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars defending against these outrageously false charges, and I am looking at over $1 million in additional costs.

The only way that I can possibly manage to deal with the lawfare assault being waged against me is if patriotic Americans like you have my back. Without your help and that of other conservatives, the radicals are very likely to succeed because I just won’t have the financial resources needed to aggressively fight them.

Please don’t let leftwing Democrats destroy me, bankrupt my family, and throw me in prison. My family and I can’t fight them alone, which is why I am asking if you will step forward with a generous donation to my legal defense fund. I urgently need your help.

Despite the constant objections of leftwing prosecutors, the evidence of fraud and illegality in the 2020 election is finally beginning to get its day in court.

Just know this, more evidence is yet to come.

Please stand with me as I fight to get the truth out to the American people.


John Eastman

Constitutional Scholar

Attorney for President Donald Trump

PS – I urgently need your help immediately. The State Bar prosecutors are pressing their case again THIS WEEK and I also am busy preparing to take on the liberal DA Fani Willis. Please give generously.

Thank you.

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